Frederic Pradeau: YNWA


Product Description


YNWA (2006)


Installation: Steel Framing, Conveyor Belts and Rotation System, Printing Machine, Microphone, Voice Activated Sensor, Buckets, Bricks.


Size: 10M (Length) x 2.8M (Highest point)


‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ is an interactive installation by Marseille based artist Frederic Pradeau, commissioned and first exhibited by Static Gallery in 2006.


The installation consists of a large conveyor belt that carries red bricks to a printer, where they are printed with the lyrics to ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, before they are carried off upwards and dropped in a pile at the end of the installation. For this to happen, the installation has to be ‘triggered’ by gallery viewers singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ into a microphone.


Pradeau created the piece in response to a visit to Liverpool. According to Pradeau “I tried to collect several constituents of Liverpool’s identity from my first impressions. It was like a stocktaking of my memory: docks, buildings, stadium, music, sound, exhibitions, and chaotic areas….maybe I had to try to turn Liverpool between a dream and a nightmare.”


YNWA is a seminal work in the oeuvre of Fred Pradeau, one of France’s leading Contemporary Artists.


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