Kelly Large: Wish You Were Here


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Wish You Were Here 87.9FM


A temporary radio station, designed especially for our transient lifestyles.


Contents: 13 CDs in clear wallets, 1 Project Description in clear wallet.


Set1/CDs 1-3: Is There Anybody Out There? (3.09 Hrs/189 Mins)

Set2/CDs 1-3: Location, Location! (3.45 Hrs/225 Mins)

Set3/CDs 1-3: You’re Not From Round Here, Are You? (3.36 Hrs/216 Mins)

Set4/CDs 1-4: The Real Thing? (3.45 Hrs/225 Mins)


Featuring: Autonomy Group Number 7, Breda Beban, Rikke Benborg, Sandra Bridie, Andrew Calcutt, Brian Dawn Chalkley, COCOSOL 1DC1T1, Diane Cote, Clementine Deliss, Nick Ferguson, William Furlong, Ella Gibbs, Michelle Gibson, Felicity Greenland, Kate Grieve, David Hackett, Angela Heslop, Richard Holt, Kelly Large, Richard Layzell, Nicky Lewis + Andrea Lowe + Liz Robey, Paul Frank Lewthwaite, Remy Markowitsh, McCormack + Gent, Ewan McDougall, James Porter, Mark Ramsden, Rebecca Reid, Philip Reilly, Paul Rooney, Becky Shaw, George Shaw, Sam Sherborne, Nacko Takahashi, Salome Voegelin, Steve Williams, Zatorski + Zatorski


A project developed by artist Kelly Large in collaboration with STATIC as part of the Liverpool Biennial 2002.




Wish You Were Here presented a range of aural explorations of nearness and remoteness from contemporary artists, writers, cultural theorists, local communities and people whose professions concerned ‘near’ and ‘far’. In November 2002 the station transmitted four programmes during which a host of contributors investigated ways radio sound could engage and disengage people. This audio CD publication – at the time fiercely debated within STATIC as to whether it should be produced or not – is the only record of the four broadcasts.