Us & Them

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‘Us & Them’


Publication by STATIC


Size 165mm x 234mm


ISBN: 0-9546498-1-8




‘Us & Them’ is a publication that gathered together a series of texts published in the online and hardcopy STATIC Pamphlet between 2003/4.


The STATIC Pamphlet, an arena developed for criticism and comment about local, national and international visual culture, was designed to generate comment at two speeds: commissioning essays and providing a context for rapid response reviews and letters. Presented here is a selection of the year’s essays.




Becky Shaw: Introduction

Andrew Calcutt: Six Western Characters in Search of a Role

Bryan Davies: Problems of Course

James Heartfield: Hegel Dispirited

Dave Beech: Them = Not-Us, etc

John Byrne: Why Ba’s?

Frank Henning: We Found Ourselves in a War

Ricardo Basbaum: Differences Between Us and Them

Craig Buckley: Prisoners Interventions. An Interview with Temporary Services

Cathryn Jiggens: GRAFT. Us and Them

Salome Vogelin: Exploring The Critical I

Martin Conrads: Wir?

Una Walker: Elliptical Narratives and Circular Journeys

Karen Guthrie: Park Life in the Lake District

Becky Shaw: Rural Us and Them. Thoughts on Una Walker’s and Karen Guthrie’s Essays

Lewis Biggs: (Art in) Celebrity Land

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Dimensions 23.4 x 16.5 cm