The Godfather presented by Gianni Russo, 2015



Product Description


The Godfather presented by Gianni Russo, 2015


Poster by Paul Sullivan. Signed by Artist


A3 Size Unframed (297 x 420)


Limited Edition 100


Poster was made to celebrate The Godfather screening at the ODEON Cinema, Liverpool. The poster is one of the related artefacts relating to the ongoing HARBINGER project, a new film and multi-part audio/visual installation by Paul Sullivan in collaboration with Gianni Russo (Carlo Rizzi in The Godfather).


HARBINGER uses a re-make of the ‘Today I Settled All Family Business’ scene from the original movie (re-made in Liverpool in June 2014 and July 2015) to broaden out and explore a range of interrelated subjects, ranging from Francis Ford Coppola’s audio experimentation in The Godfather (and subsequent movies) to the life of Gianni Russo to the current ‘Italian five family structure’ in NY.