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A4 Publication with attached Audio CD.


A4 Publication consisting of front and back cover and 6 internal pages of diagrams, sketches, ideas and notes on the FUTURE MACHINE by Ade Blackburn and John Hartley (CLINIC).


Audio CD: 9.40min composed and mixed by Ade Blackburn and John Hartley (CLINIC).


Limited Edition of 100.



Commissioned by STATIC in 2011 as part of the Terminal Convention/Liverpool, FUTURE MACHINE was an audio/visual installation by Ade Blackburn and John Hartley from the band CLINIC.


“The Future Machine is a free generating poetry device. The unit is based around the random nature of events and discourse, such as in the Terminal Convention 32hr/2min timeline. It incorporates language and found sounds, as well as music. The aim is to reflect the random and chaotic way we experience audio.”


The installation consisted of a newly composed audio/sonic work being ‘fed’ into an analogue TV via the video input resulting in a disrupted visual interference ‘LOOP’.


The work also consisted of a Limited Edition of 100 Publication/Audio work seen here.


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 100 x 10 x 10 cm