Frederic Pradeau: IKEA 2002



Product Description


“Assembled IKEA Furniture Blindfolded Without Training” (19 October 2002)


“Montage d’un meuble IKEA les yeux bandés sans préparation ni entrainement” (19 Octobre 2002)


DVD, 46 Minutes (Edition of 5)


“From a simple symbol, omnipresent or ubiquitous object Pradeau then derives multiple figures, drawings and sculptures emphasizing their arbitrariness.”


To date, the work of Frederic Pradeau has often combined wit, irony and a dark sense of humour with the production of highly accomplished installations, performances and objects. From making ‘stills’ which produce pure alcohol from Coca-Cola, to rugs made out of dust and the blindfolded construction of IKEA furniture (see here), Pradeau’s oeuvre points towards the banality and frequent futility of contemporary everyday life.