Frederic Pradeau: ‘Coca-Cola Alcohol Bottle’ (2001)



Product Description


‘Coca-Cola Alcohol Bottle’ (2001)


330mm (H) x 85mm (Dia)


Glass Bottle containing Alcohol Distilled for Coca-Cola, Plastic Lid (Note: This version is Black Lid edition)


Edition of 10


“A huge amount of coca cola is made to rot, and alcohol is distilled from it, using a machine made out of kitchen and plumbing tools.”


To date, the work of Frederic Pradeau has often combined wit, irony and a dark sense of humour with the production of highly accomplished installations, performances and objects. From making ‘stills’ which produce pure alcohol from Coca-Cola (seen here), to rugs made out of dust and the blindfolded construction of IKEA furniture, Pradeau’s oeuvre points towards the banality and frequent futility of contemporary everyday life.