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Exit Review Publication 2003


The purpose of Exit Review was to use the process of critique to respond to the difficulties students encounter as they move from art school to life as artists. The project also examined the intricacies of the critique and the vagaries of public and private space.


Exit Review 2003 responded to a perceived crisis in the British art school education system, namely the inadequacy of conventional studio models of teaching which left students unprepared for contemporary practice. We may argue that this condition still exists today.


Exit Review was designed to initiate students into the publicly exposing process of a review, long before they have had time to build visibility in an art circuit.


Exit Review explored a number of issues. The project values unadorned and conflicting personal opinion, which may not always be fully objective. Whilst reflecting the vulnerability of the reviewed, the project also exposed the reviewers, who may risk their reputation, or, in this case, agonise with their conscience when dealing criticism to young/early career artists.


The large team of reviewers was to enable each artist to receive 2 reviews, so the opinions can be compared. The reviewers consisted of local, national and international writers, curators, organisers and artists to enable contrasting opinions and comment from art professionals who write as part of their activities.


Each reviewer was assigned a list of students. They are required to write approximately 100 words, written swiftly so the emphasis is on informed opinion rather than perfect prose.




Cecilia Andersson

Bryan Biggs

Lewis Biggs

John Byrne

Michael Connor
Paul Domela
Colin Harrison
Pippa Koszererk
Marie-Anne McQuay
Joanna Spitzner

Imogen Stidworthy

Paul Sullivan




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