PRODUCT Records Launch
30 Aug 2013, 7.30pm

Press Release 

PRODUCT Records Launch

Featuring Matthew Bourne and Howie Reeve + John McGrath


7.30pm, 30 August 2013

Static Gallery, Liverpool, L1 9JD

PRODUCT Records is a new Liverpool based label run by Ade Blackburn and John Hartley (CLINIC), Paul Sullivan (Static Gallery) and Sam Wiehl (Artist/HIVE).

The label’s first release was The Curfew Tower which included tracks by Bill Drummond, Clinic, Ex-Easter Island Head, Paul Simpson, Damon Fairclough, Paul Sullivan, Jeff Young, Jinx Lennon, Easterjack, Pointfive, Liam O’Callaghan, Singersongwriter, Alan Dunn, Sophie Coyle, Dan Simpkins & Penny Whitehead (Review of Curfew Tower live gig here).

The label launch will sell the remaining copies of The Curfew Tower record (250 limited edition: and will feature an evening of musical exploration with pianist Matthew Bourne and Howie Reeve, two acclaimed musicians who defy classification and produce forward thinking sound. Also completing the bill we have the very talented guitarist John McGrath who’s recent Lanterns Ep has just been released (see notes below).

Paul Sullivan states “PRODUCT Records came about after a number of collaborations between CLINIC, Static Gallery and Sam Wiehl. The label is like some kind of neutral space for all of us to operate outside of our respective practices and gives us the freedom to produce and commission whatever we want. The label will release records/CDs/Cassettes but also audio visual works, publications, artworks or whatever else we want to do….”

Forthcoming releases include a contemporary Liverpool music anthology, an architectural plan, a field recording of a Tesco car park attendant and a wide variety of band/artist releases.

Sam Wiehl continues “PRODUCT could be considered a highly commercial label in that it won’t actually be taking any risks as it can’t actually lose any money because it has no money. The freedom for us to curate and create releases unites us all in the potential for this project and the aim is to build a catalogue of interesting physical output by a wide range of artists. Its a platform for ideas and the opportunity for collaboration.”

For more information on PRODUCT Records please contact us on or


Curfew Tower review, Pg 12, BidoLito!:

Preview/interview with PRODUCT Records by The Double Negative:


Matthew Bourne

A leading UK jazz musician, recording on Leaf Records, his beautiful fragile performances draw from the world of the avant-garde, pop and classical music.

Howie Reeve

Embracing post-punk, hardcore, free-jazz, and avant-folk, his recent release Friendly Demons see him create a hugely intimate record which is both delicate and raw.

John McGrath

John McGrath is a Dublin-born guitarist, based in Liverpool. Blending Takoma, glitch and Irish folk influences, these acoustic instrumentals incorporate pedal drones, tapped harmonics and percussive contemporary techniques in a soundworld that leaves behind outdated notions of “authentic” fingerstyle purism and melody, in search of new repetitive and experimental aural territories.

Static Trading Ltd, Roscoe Lane, Liverpool, L1 9JD