Occupy International Residency Space

Occupy Residency Space

On the 27 October 2011, Static Gallery removed the framing and glazing to the front of the Australian International Residency Space in the gallery and repositioned it within a new 2.5m x 2.5m room/intervention, thus setting up a partial temporary occupation of the space.

Static also carried out the same procedure to two other studios (3 + 4 on plan above), however these were developed through a negotiation and financial resettlement with the studio owners. The intervention into the Australian International Studio Space was done without consultation.

The Australian International Studio Space was a collaboration between Static, The Australian Arts Council and Liverpool Biennial.

The reason for the intervention was because Static Gallery required more space for the Terminal Convention Exhibition.

The new intervention housed the installation ‘Jimmy and Claire’ by Paul Sullivan.

The project continues Static’s investigations into the relationship between architectural plans and urban and military planning and enforcement strategies.

Furthermore the project continues Static’s examination of what is public and what is private space and how the threshold between them is defined.

Static Trading Ltd, Roscoe Lane, Liverpool, L1 9JD