30hr/2min Opening event

Terminal Convention 4-26 November 2011

Terminal Convention, Liverpool began with a 30hr/2min event.

The duration and curation of the event reflected a series of significant events that occured in the lead up to the first Terminal Convention that took place in March 2011 at the disused international airport in Cork, Ireland.

The events themes considered issues of death, travel, chance and time.


At 16.48 on the 4th November 2011, a 30hr/2min series of events started with the official Press Launch of Terminal Convention Liverpool. Static Gallery was open to the public for the 30hr/2min duration. In this period there was a series of overlapping live-link ups with international art spaces and clubs:

PLATOON/SEOUL http://www.kunsthalle.com/
PORTIKUS/FRANKFURT http://www.portikus.de/
STURGEON’S HAMMOCK, OFFENBACH/FRANKFURT http://sturgeonshammock.wordpress.com
NEY YORK (Brooklyn)

Friday 4 November   FREE EVENT

16.48 – 18.00
Press Launch and start of  CLINICʼs 32hr/2min commissions, plus the start of the 32hr/2min live link-ups with Seoul, Frankfurt, Cork and New York.
18.00 – 20.00
Private View of Exhibition, including streamed Live performance from Adrian Williams at PORTIKUS/FRANKFURT and Shane Munro giving a guided tour through the virtual annex of the group show ‘STURGEON’S HAMMOCK’, OFFENBACH/FRANKFURT and start of Bill Drummond’s ‘The Liverpool Cake Circle’.
20.00 – 02.00
Live Music/DJ/VJ event including new commissions by CLINIC and OUTFIT + CLINC DJs + BAND ACTIVITY DJs (Stadt Moers Records).

Saturday 5 November   FREE EVENT

02.00 – 10.00
Exhibition open to public throughout the night and early morning.
10.00 – 20.00
Exhibition, Art Store, Coffee Bar open to public.
20.00 – 00.50
Premiere of Mike Hannonʼs film TERMINAL CONVENTION (HD 30mins) + Live Music/DJ/VJ event featuring BILL DRUMMOND (The Liverpool Cake Circle) + HIVE (DJ/VJ set) + VINDICATRIX (MORDANT MUSIC) (live) + NOT ABEL (THE BLACK MARIAH/BRINKS HELM) (DJ/VJ set), Plus Special Guests.

Sunday 6 November   FREE EVENT

10.00 – 18.00
Exhibition, Art Store, Coffee Bar open to public + Ross Dalzielʼs AIR AND LAND TRACKING HACKDAY event.

Terminal Convention Liverpool: Funding and Partners

Funding Partners:
Static Gallery
Culture Liverpool/Liverpool City Council
Arts Council England
Culture Ireland

Technology Partners:
FACT Liverpool

Hotel Partner:
Base2Stay Liverpool

All Press Contacts to press@statictrading.com

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