Exit Limerick
15 June 2012
Limerick Institute of Technology

Exit Limerick 2012
eva International
Reviews online at eva International

Exit Limerick reviewed in Visual Artist News Sheet

Exit Limerick 2012 presented TWO reviews for each participating artist/project in eva International 2012, associated fringe events and each graduating art student from LIT School of Art and Design. The reviewers were selected from local, national and international writers, critics, commentators, curators and artists.

Reviews were published as a hard copy insert in The Limerick Leader newspaper on the 14 June 2012.

On the following day, a public debate (which coincided with the Visual Artist Ireland (VAI) Get Together event http://www.eva.ie/projects), invited the reviewed artists and the reviewers (as well as other interested parties) to participate in a discussion about the project. The debate was chaired by John Byrne.

Byrne stated:

“Art Criticism is an act of framing, an act of complicity and an act of rebellion. The role of the critic is never simply that of passing an opinion. Criticism enables us to identify what a work of art is and also what a work of art can be. From the time of Vasari onward, this act has also been one that is taken largely in absentia – in the absence of the art work and in the absence of the audience. It strives to unite a memory of responses to an artwork with an audience that may never see that work in its physical form. Criticism disperses a desire for presence, a longing for authenticity, across a discursive network of fictive possibility. It concerns the impossibility of reconciling objectivity with taste, of setting up circuits of power which enable the establishment of quality. So what are the points at which criticism both enables the artwork to have a form whilst, at the same time, suggesting a set of physical, aesthetic and theoretical parameters which can be transgressed?”

Exit Limerick is a continuation of the Exit Review series that Static (Becky Shaw and Paul Sullivan) first carried out in Liverpool in 2003.

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