exhibition: One Week
Frederic Pradeau & Diane Guyot
24-31 march 2012

Fredric Pradeau + Diane Guyot

Exhibition Title: One Week
Private View: Saturday 24 March 6pm – 9pm
Exhibition open daily 11am – 6pm from Sunday 25 March – Saturday 31 March 2012.

Frederic Pradeau and Diane Guyot started a residency at Static Gallery as part of an International Residency Programme in March 2010.

In December 2011, Frederic Pradeau was appointed a Professor of Sculpture at University of Marseille School of Art (http://www.esbam.fr/).

One Week shows a range of video, drawing, painting and sculpture works that Pradeau and Guyot have produced whilst based in Liverpool, including Pradeau’s Main Colours Main Companies, a prod to South Koreas leading multinationals and Heap, a response to Guyot’s Make a Gift.

Pradeau explains, “Heap is a response to Make a Gift. I have made an equivalent paradox to the absurdity in Guyot’s piece and created a formal version, a conceptual piece”. The work examines both the philosophical and physical threshold of when a pile becomes a heap and the auditory threshold of the Tritone Paradox, an auditory illusion in which a sequentially played pair of Shepard tones is heard as ascending by some people and as descending by others. Heap also references Desertificateur, 2005 (Galeria Raucci Santamaria/Naples) and You’ll Never Walk Alone Installation 2006 (Static Gallery/Liverpool) thus bringing a sense of closure to the Liverpool experience.

Guyot’s works include the BOA drawings series, Flags of the world (Video) and Cable (Video) shot in China 2010. In respect of Make a Gift, the subject of Pradeau’s conceptual counterbalance, Guyot explains “the work starts with the observation that the Road Sign is somewhere between instruction and information. The work is also about the religion of recycling, to do the right thing. However, faced with global warming we are still obsessed with keeping things cold in refrigerators, making ice cubes. The work also highlights the fact that you don’t argue with what road signs are saying yet as autonomous reflective objects they need car lights to make them work”.

The exhibition also shows two of Pradeau’s acclaimed earlier works, Ikea blindfolded (video, Galerie Corentin Hamel/Paris) and Fossil (Laure Genillard Gallery/London).

The architecture of the exhibition is an integral component of the installation. Guyot explains:

The idea was to create a common space in which our work can interfere.
Our collaboration is a dialogue (as a battle of notions, words, sense, direction).

My research on forms of UK Police crowd control brought me to this idea and form: Introduce a police cordon to separate a crowd, “the double wedge formation”.

A disturbance/riot as a metaphor of our dialogue.
It appeared to be a relevant form for Static.

An intrusion, where the scenography is an object itself.
No white cube. Static keeps its identity.

Our desire is to have a dynamic form, which generates flow.
An angle hits a wall, the beginning of a shock wave.”

Fred Pradeau

From a simple symbol, omnipresent or ubiquitous object Pradeau then derives multiple figures, drawings and sculptures emphasizing their arbitrariness.


Diane Guyot

Guyot is a French artist based in Liverpool. In a quest that she describes as “both poetic and burlesque”, she initiates every work through a naive question. Highlighting the absurdity of everyday situations, Guyot’s varied practice includes drawings, videos, objects and performances.


Exhibition curated by Paul Sullivan

Static Trading Ltd, Roscoe Lane, Liverpool, L1 9JD