Terminal Convention Closing Event

Static Gallery have commissioned the artist Imogen Stidworthy to produce a new piece of work entitled EVACUATION that responds to the Terminal Convention exhibition that has been present in the gallery since the 4 Nov 2011.

The idea of commissioning a work by Stidworthy to conclude the Terminal Convention series for 2011 (that began in a disused airport in Cork in March 2011), is to offer a pivotal moment that allows the artist to respond to some of the key themes and narratives of Terminal Convention, issues that also overlap and intersect with her continuing investigations into space, memory, language, conflict and landscape.

By positioning a new work at the end of the Terminal Convention, the work acts not as an end point but a transition point between now and the next incarnation of the Terminal Convention series in 2012.

The final day also offers a last chance to see works by Bill Drummond, Douglas Gordon, Mike Hannon, Martin Healy, Mark Leckey, Seamus Nolan, Nam June Paik, Padraig Timoney, Becky Shaw and Paul Sullivan.

Notes on the artist:

Imogen Stidworthy’s work focuses on the social landscape of the voice, its spaces and schisms. What roles does language play in shaping social space? How is the subject heard and understood, and according to what terms? In installations, films and sound works, Imogen Stidworthy works with the voice as a bodily, spatial and discursive material.

Static Trading Ltd, Roscoe Lane, Liverpool, L1 9JD