Damien Hirst: One Night Only



Damien Hirst: One Night Only

After being invited by the Lewis Glucksman Gallery in 2007 to present a piece of work to accompany the exhibition ‘The Eternal Now: Warhol and the Factory ’63–’68′, Static decided to propose the re-enactment and representation of the infamous Damien Hirst: One Night Only installation previously shown at Static Gallery, Liverpool on the 21st April 2005.

The reason for this decision was that the Damien Hirst event provided the perfect delivery mechanism to further question or examine the effect of celebrity on contemporary art practice, its audience, the art institutions and market place that support it and the multitude of media outlets that distribute it, against the backdrop of a major Andy Warhol retrospective.

The project also confronted the impossibility and the hypocrisy of presenting a re-enactment of a historic one-hour event as part of a four-month art exhibition by scripting two symbiotic events either side of the pivotal moment when the one-hour re-enactment at the Glucksman Gallery ended at 7pm on Wednesday 27th February 2008, and was then immediately represented live as a collection of historic artifacts to the previous ‘original’ event, in front of the same ‘pre’ and ‘post’ event audience.

Furthermore, Damien Hirst: One Night Only (2008 edition) continued to interrogate a number of recurring themes in Static Projects, in particular the power of the press release and art’s changing relationship with the media, the threshold between public and private space – or the threshold between the compulsory realm and the non-compulsory realm of the public’s interface with contemporary art – the use of the ‘invitation to exhibit’ as a vehicle to instigate a wider set of trade opportunities and, finally, the attempt to distribute the project to an audience beyond the actual theatre of the event through a combination of print and electronic media outlets.


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