10 Nov 2012, 8pm

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Review of gig/event by Bido Lito, go to Pg 25 here

Event Listing:


Static Gallery 10 November 2012

8pm doors.

£9.00 tickets on the door ONLY.

9pm CLINIC Live.

World Premiere of new album Free Reign (

CLINIC: THE PRODUCTION LINE is a Live Gig set within an Installation co-designed by CLINIC, artists David Hand and Sam Wiehl and Static Gallery’s Paul Sullivan.

The production line works like this: 9-10pm Saturday 10 Nov:

Area 1, Press Play and Record, Analogue Tape Machines record the gig. Area 2, CLINIC Play World Premiere of Free Reign. Area 3, Assembly Line: Operatives unload and package 20min/40min/1hr cassettes from Area 1 (as the gig continues) into branded cassette cases and deliver to Area 4, SHOP: At the conclusion of the gig at 10pm, operatives sell the only analogue live recordings of the gig and associated merchandise.

By selling only 200 tickets to consumers at the entrance of the STATIC FACTORY one hour before the gig, the project presents a public moment of acute desire based on supply and demand rather than relying on the ubiquitous and anonymous digital online ticketing norm. The public threshold of the event therefore begins the analogue versus digital journey through the assembly line of the factory.

The installation is also designed to work as a production line in order to reflect Liverpool City Council’s Planning Enforcement Division’s belief that Static Gallery has no planning consent to run as a gallery, studios and social space as it is still a light industrial factory.

DOORS OPEN at 8pm.

CLINIC: THE PRODUCTION LINE will also be recorded in order for it to be re-presented as an audio-visual installation after the event.

Static Trading Ltd, Roscoe Lane, Liverpool, L1 9JD