bill drummond @ TC
the liverpool cake circle
4-6 November 2011

Bill Drummond will be constructing the Liverpool Cake Circle between the hours of 16:48 on the 4 November and 00:50 on 6 November 2011 – thus from late afternoon on the Friday, through Guy Fawkes Day, to the wee small hours of the Sunday morning. That is 32 hours and 2 minutes in total.

This is the fourth of the ten Cake Circles that Drummond is in the process of constructing around the world.

Once all ten have been constructed it will be considered as one complete sculpture entitled Ten Cake Circles.

If you want to know what a Cake Circle is read the following NOTICE

The centre of the Liverpool Cake Circle is not Drummond’s home, it is the Static Gallery in Roscoe Lane, Liverpool L1 9JD. But the radius of this Cake Circle is the distance between Static Gallery and Drummond’s last home in Liverpool where he lived between 1978 and 1983. The address of this home is in Crawford Avenue, (between Smithdown and Penny Lane). It is to this address in Crawford Avenue that Drummond hopes to deliver the first of the cakes.

Cake baking has been a consistent part of Drummond’s life since he attempted to bake the family Christmas cake at the age of 12. His aptitude for baking cakes is the only thing he feels he has successfully passed onto the majority of his six children.

On Wednesday 2 November, two days before the construction of the Liverpool Cake Circle begins, Drummond will be driving around the circumference of the circle attaching placards to lamppost and putting leaflets through people’s doors. These will be to forewarn folk that they live on a would be Cake Circle and the implications this may have – as in a strange man might be knocking on their door offering them a freshly baked cake.

Later on the same Wednesday he will fly from Liverpool to Berlin where he is to give a keynote speech at a conference on the Friday morning. On the Friday afternoon he flies back to Liverpool and will start baking the first of the cakes at 16:48 precisely. He will probably be baking all of Friday night and start delivering the cakes on Saturday morning. He hopes that the Liverpool Cake Circle may contain as many as 20 freshly baked cakes – although in variety it may be limited to just chocolate or Victoria sponges

At an as yet not given time on early Saturday evening he will take a break from constructing the Liverpool Cake Circle to give an account of what he is up to, to an audience within the Static Gallery. Other than cakes and the construction of Cake Circles, this talk will be about nothing else.

While baking the cakes in Static, Drummond will be available to converse or banter with. There will also be an Ordnance Survey map pinned to the wall of Static with the circumference of the Liverpool Cake Circle clearly marked on it.

WARNING: The Liverpool Cake Circle does take in some of the Wirral.

A cake baked by Bill Drummond earlier.

Static Trading Ltd, Roscoe Lane, Liverpool, L1 9JD