Static Gallery Lecture Tour

Static Gallery Lecture Tour 2012

14/02     UCC/CIT Cork School of Architecture
15/02     Limerick School of Art MASPACE
01/03     Glasgow School of Art
02/03     Edinburgh College of Art
16/04     Leeds Metropolitan University School of Art
01/05     The University of Lincoln Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design
24/11     B-E-Studio, Miami


29/04    Marseille Art School

More dates to be added shortly +

Since starting as an experimental architecture studio in 1995 – and then becoming the Static Gallery in 1998 – Static has developed a practice that continually intersects between the worlds of art and architecture.

Paul Sullivan, director of Static will be giving a series of lectures in the UK and Ireland in 2012 that present a number of Static’s key projects.

Lecture title: Static Adventures in the Autonomous Zone

For the first half of the talk, Sullivan will discuss the strategies behind the Static Gallery Complex in Liverpool. Since opening in 1998, the Static Complex has been a testbed for many of Static’s core ideas and projects. The key idea is that the Static Complex is a mini citadel, an urban prototype that continually evolves as a result of investigations/interventions that address public and private space, physical and psychological thresholds, voyeurism and surveillance, the possibility of translation, temporary architecture and events space, colonisation, conflict and conflict resolution. The conceptual underpinning of these developments is the notion of an artistic/architectural autonomy.

For the second half of the talk, Sullivan will describe three key Static projects, Noodle Bar, Trainer Monument and the recent Terminal Convention Australian Studio Occupation. These projects link into the key ideas of the Static Complex but also develop further narratives between autonomy (control/out of control), freedom, travel, exploitation and confrontation. The projects are loosely described as Delivery Mechanism’s for Static concepts.

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