In 2010 Static were invited to the Korean International Art Fair (KIAF) as part of the UK Special Guest Programme.

Unlike the other UK galleries who were invited by KIAF, Static were introduced to the Art Fair by the British Embassy Trade and Investment Department due to our ongoing relations with Korean business and cultural associations as we develop key partners in order to open an ‘Art Business’ in Seoul.

The ‘Art Business’ in Korea is a continuation of the Noodle Bar project, as we explore the intricacies of how a UK business can set up in South Korea, in order to compare the experience encountered whilst trying to set up the Korean Noodle Bar business in 2008/9 in the UK.

For KIAF 2010, Static set up the OFFICIAL KIAF SALES CENTRE which asked all participating galleries to provide us with daily sales information in order for us to track where the sales were being made, who to and for how much. By charting the sales with RED DOTS on the OFFICIAL KIAF SALES CENTRE Floor Plan (a blown up version of the original PDF sent to Static showing their Booth position in May 2010) a detailed picture emerged of where sales were happening. The idea for Static was to test ideas of the ‘architecture of the sale’ by considering how international art fairs operate in comparison to wider architecture and urban startegies of Boulevard, secondary streets and tertiary streets and also what techniques were used by the particpating galleries in order to secure their sales, such as the use of hospitatlity, VIP and Celebrity.

The OFFICIAL KIAF SALES CENTRE was launched during the VIP/Press Launch of KIAF 2010 with the NAM JUNE PAIK: ONE HOUR ONLY event.



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